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One Late Night: Deadline starts off just before where the first game ends. You assume the role of a software engineer who is completely unaware of what has been going on during the night. He works at a company called Aeon Embedded, which has its offices in the same building. The building consists of 4 floors and all of the individual companies offices are locked and needs the proper keycards to open. You'll find these throughout the game.

The office complex is of modern architecture with steel beams, ceramic tile floor and parquet, a multitude of glass pane window walls, elevators, vending machines, kitchen/utility areas and various infomercial monitors. You will be frequently visiting the kitchen and utility areas (more on that below). The center of the complex consists of the open area lobby with stairs, elevators and walkways between the east and west wing of each floor. It's not exactly what you'd call a haunting or creepy environment, and at first glance it looks pretty unassuming, but alone at night in the gloomy lighting; you'll start to think twice.

The gameplay is objective based, meaning that at certain points through the game you will receive story objectives and also optional objectives. These objectives do not have to be completed in a linear fashion. A notification will appear on screen with a brief description of your new objective. At any time you can view (toggle) your current objective. Your main objective will be to investigate what has happened during the night and eventually the story will entwine with the story from the previous game as you find out more about the strange events.

As the story unfolds, you will meet some other people in the building that you will have conversations with. Additionally you will get to hear some voice acting from some of these characters.

"Deadline" will stay true to the original game with everyday office routines, and therefore you will from time to time visit the kitchen and utility areas to reduce your drowsiness level by drinking energy drinks and saving your game at the coffee and vending machines. The player is suffering from sleep deprivation from being overworked and this plays in a huge factor in the gameplay. Your drowsiness level will be increasing over time as you play the game and this affects your movement and vision and you may begin to see things that you are not sure if they're real or not. In the end you'll want to stay sharp if you want to finish your deadline.



The entire game revolves around completing objectives and other small tasks. These objectives may trigger at certain points in the game or by witnessing certain events. The objectives does not all have to be completed in a linear fashion, and some does not have to be completed at all.


You can use your cellphone as a light source in dark areas and shine in the direction you look. You do not have to go on a tedious battery hunt for the flashlight, but it will drain over time. The battery will replenish automatically over time after you put away the cellphone. This will be indicated by a battery meter at the top of the screen once it is in your possession.

Parallel dimensions

One Late Night: Deadline brings you a parallel dimension where you might see things otherwise not visible to the naked eye. So, if things look bleak and you’ve lost your way, use your cellphone to tap into this mysterious second dimension and things will soon become clearer. But beware; you might see more than you wished for.


Along your way you will come across computers that can be manipulated. You can use these computers to gather clues and information by reading employee emails. However, some computers are locked and require you to use a password, but if you are stuck you can try to hack them. If you find a Hack disc it will help you immensely in the hacking process.


When your eyes grow weary and you begin feeling tired, you can head for the nearest vending machine to replenish your energy. If you move around for too long without having a drink you will eventually collapse from exhaustion. Running will make you tired much faster. If you are lucky you might find Dexterity tablets that you can eat along the way and instantly restore your energy.


All security doors are unlocked using keycards. This is the lowest form of security in the building. Some doors also require a code. You start out with a default keycard that lets you in through some doors.

Save game

You can save the game progress by using the coffee machines located conveniently around the building.


Read the newspapers that are lying littered around the building; they will teach you about local events from the outside world.

A real world

All the environments are designed from a real-world perspective.

Your choice

You choose the outcome of the game by the decisions you make.